What is A Control Room?

According to Wikipedia, a control room or operations center or operations control center (OCC) is a room serving as a central space where a large physical facility or physically dispersed service can be monitored and controlled. The control room also houses multiple control panels, electronic displays and auxiliary equipment such as battery banks, SCADA/Communication equipment, relays etc which are used for monitoring switchgear equipment.

System Operators in the Control Room at NCC Oshogbo

Functions of A Control Room

Some of the functions carried out in the control room by the System Operator include but are not limited to the following:

  • Load Dispatch and control
  • Outage planning
  • Switching operations
  • Grid Monitoring
  • Routine inspection of station equipment to ensure they are operating maximally

All Transmission control rooms are manned on a "24/7/365" basis, and may have multiple people on duty at all times, to ensure continuous vigilance.

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