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System Operation (SO) being a semi-autonomous sector under the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) is responsible for operating the transmission system in a safe and reliable manner. The TCN network spreads to all parts of the country and across the border to several neighbouring countries, and Nigeria is a net exporter of power.
The transmission system in Nigeria comprises 330 kV and 132 kV circuits and substations. The thermal generation is located in the south of the country, generally near to the sources of gas, while the hydro generation is located further north at Jebba, Kainji and Shiroro. Distribution is split into 11 zones and the distribution networks comprise 33 kV, 11 kV and low voltage circuits. System nominal frequency is 50 Hz.

Important Public Notices

Please be aware of these important notices by the Independent System Operator (ISO)

Major Goals of a Smart Grid

* Optimize Efficiency * Monitor Problems to Reduce Outages
* Integrate Renewable Distributed Power Generation * Reduce Peak Power Demands

Core Functions

  • Monitoring system parameters while identifying the requirements for maintaining system reliability and stability
  • Maintaining and enhancing system reliability, stability and security
  • Ensure a stable frequency within the operational limits of 50Hz± - 0.4% with guaranteed quality voltage at all levels and uninterruptible power supply with minimal loss.
  • Conduct system studies, fault analysis, load flow analysis and planning of the power system (real time and future)

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System Performance

Highest Frequency 50.99 Hz
Lowest Frequency 50.12 Hz
Peak Generation 4,093.90 MW
Lowest Generation 2,652.30 MW
Total Energy Sent Out 79,042.44 MWH

Top News

SEP 30
NERC Directs System Operator To Prioritize Dispatching All Hydro Power Stations To Check Flooding In Nigeria

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, has directed the System Operator to prioritize the dispatching of all power generated by the three hydro power stations in Nigeria in order to manage effectively the water inflow into the dams...

SEP 06

The West African Power Pool (WAPP), has stated that it is working assiduously to synchronize the interconnected Power....

FEB 20
TCN Announces New National Peak Of 5,375MW

The Transmission Company of Nigeria has announced that the National Grid has successfully transmitted a new generation peak of 5375MW on Thursday, 7th February 2019 at 21.00hrs.

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